Square Ceiling Diffusers can supply large volumes of conditioned air acceptable sound levels and pressure drops, when over all dimensions of the diffuser are limited by modular ceiling systems or architectural considerations

Ceiling Diffusers with perforated face, are recommended for heating, ventilating and cooling in centralized air conditioning systems.

Round Diffusers are designed to provide supply or return of conditioned air at acceptable sound levels, pressure drops and uniform radial discharge in supply air application & are suitable for supply air temperature differentials of +10K to 10K.

Exhaust Valves blend readily with contemporary room design and snapped into the concealed T-bars

Aluminum jet Nozzles are developed for large and high areas. They are designed for areas such as concert halls, theaters, museum, airports, shopping centers etc. Because of their aerodynamic design they give a long throw of air flow at high outlet velocities and reduced noise levels.

Linear Slot Diffusers are specially designed to provide supply or return air heating.

Floor Grilles and Registers are designed to be installed on floors where air ducts are required to be underneath the floor level, such as for computer rooms etc. Floor Grilles are with parallel horizontal fixed 5mm wide zero deflection heavy duty bars spacing at 10mm. Floor grilles are with opposite blade dampers.

Linear bar grilles and registers provide a high standard of quality, solid construction, and quiet, controlled performance.

No Return Damper type models are also named as ‘self closing dampers ‘or ‘Back pressure dampers ‘or ‘gravity dampers or ‘pressure relief dampers’. These are air operated ,opening or closing dampers for intake, discharge and pressure relief vents in air conditioning systems.

multi blade volume control dampers are used in heating, ventilating, air conditioning plants and applications, where they are not subjected to water spray, salt spray and other corrosive fumes.

The folding blade fire are designed to stop the spread of fire through ducts, walls, ceilings, doors, partition walls or floors.

(Motorized Smoke Fire Damper) is a damper which has an actuator to provide action upon control signal from the main fire control panel.it is used at all the outlet of smoke exhaust or fresh air mock up and works as close damper.

The sound attenuates are designed to combat noise problems. All fans/impellers used in air conditioning system produce noise, relevant to the amount of work they do to move the air, much of the noise is generated by the fluctuations of radiated pressure and these pressure waves are distributed approximately equally in all directions, causing “duct born noise “and break out”.

Access doors offer quick & easy installation wherever duct access is needed.